2019 Farmers

Meet Julie Ard James, Frank Garletts, Sarah Huerkamp and more.

2018 Farmers

Meet William and Julie White, Tim Goggans and Sayle family.

2017 Farmers

Meet Jamie Earp, Jeremy Jack, Mike and Anna-Michael Smith and Billy Tabb.

2016 Farmers

Meet Luke Andrews, Patrick Swindoll, Taylor Hickman and Brad Feaster.

2015 Farmers

Meet Sabrina Mauldin, Carla Taylor, Hartwell Huddleson, Tim Clements and Britt Gully.

2014 Farmers

Meet Rita Seward, Ty Irby, Doug Rogers and Deniese Swindoll.

2013 Farmers

Meet Noble Guedon, Sue Ann Hubbard and more.

2012 Farmers

Meet Brad Spencer, Scott Cannada and more. 

2011 Farmers

Meet Billy Ryan Tabb, Scott and Brett Smith and Pepper Roberts.

2010 Farmers

Meet Scott Cannada and more.

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